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Driver Parallel Lines 2.0

Driver: Parallel Lines is here, bring your driving skills with you
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Driver: Parallel Lines is the fourth installment of the once famous Driver series. For those that look into the game now, it might look just like another GTA clone that quite doesn't make it. However the original Driver offered a wide 3D city to drive in, this was in the times when GTA was only 2D. However due to the success of GTA the developers tried to add more similar elements into the game, so it came the dreadful Driv3r, the 3rd in the series. After a pounding from the critics, the developers decided to go a little back to the roots.

In this Driver, some features such as swimming and jumping were removed, and now you only have one city to play in. There are two different eras of the city, 1978 and 2006. You follow a single player storyline of a getaway driver framed in 1978, after he is released from jail in 2006 he goes out looking for revenge. The game still provides a lot of fun, specially in getaways and driving scenarios. It still falls short to the experience a GTA can deliver. And it doesn't offer any multiplayer options either. This game, however, does offer a good formula for fun. But you have to try before if you consider buying it. You can go to UBI Store, which is Ubisoft's online store, to buy the game for 9.95.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good graphics and a good formula


  • Not quite GTA yet
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